Put your pet's tag
on a HeartString
and let their spirit shine!

Our little company, now called HeartStrings,  was created in 2009 after the loss of a very special dog, a Weimaraner named Sterling.  I wanted something special to celebrate the life he had lived not necessarily something that memorialized his death.  I couldn't find anything that was as magical as he was so I made something that pulled on my "heartstrings."   A friend of mine helped with the initial creations and was my partner for many years.

The beginning of 2015 saw some changes to our little company. My original partner, Edna Sloan, stepped down and my daughter, Colleen Marquez, offered to step in and help me.  We are sharing the responsibilities of making special one of a kind HeartStrings for our clients.  

-Carolyn Beavers

Colleen Marquez & Carolyn Beavers

Colleen Marquez & Carolyn Beavers